Fleet management

Fleet management goes beyond simple GPS tracking, routing and geofencing. In today’s market, companies need more advanced solutions which help them achieve additional safety, productivity and efficiency with lower operational costs.

With IoT Fleet solutions from Rogers, you can track each vehicle’s location, speed, deviation, idling and more. You can also improve safety and routing with highly localized, predictive weather and road-condition data. This allows you to optimize your operational efficiencies, reduce accidents, insurance costs and spoilage of goods, while ensuring compliance to the new Canadian and U.S. Safety regulations.
Control Costs

Control costs

Minimize wasteful activities, optimize routes, monitor fuel usage, and perform proactive maintenance to reduce downtime and maximize fleet operations.


The average cost per KM of operating a truck in 2019.

Improve safety

Protect your staff, vehicles and cargo with alerts and reporting for weather, road conditions and driver behaviour.


Percentage of fleet accidents in Canada occurring during adverse weather conditions.
Simplify Compliance

Simplify compliance

Take the administration and bookkeeping out of regulatory compliance with automated reporting designed to satisfy all levels of government regulation.


Percentage of Hours of Service (HOS) convictions from failing to maintain or produce daily logs.
Solution features
Location tracking
Improve customer service by responding to client needs faster, providing estimated times of arrivals and proofs of delivery with time and location stamps—all courtesy of our advanced fleet tracking
Vehicle diagnostics and maintenance
Eliminate costly vehicle issues and reduce vehicle downtime with proactive maintenance alerts.
Driver behavior monitoring

Receive immediate alerts about safe driving deviations such as speeding, rapid acceleration, abrupt braking, sharp cornering and seatbelt usage to gradually correct poor driving behavior.

ELD and HoS compliance
Transmit vehicle data automatically, eliminating time-consuming paper logs while being compliant with Canadian and U.S. mandates.
Road and weather condition monitoring
Leverage precise weather prediction, location-based road conditions and road temperatures causing potential delays.
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