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At Wireless DNA, transparency is more than just a buzzword – it’s the foundation of our philosophy. We believe in being crystal-clear about what we offer and how we can make your communication experience the best it can be. So come on in, let’s decode your DNA together.
Fido, Rogers, chatr, Authorised dealers Wirelessdna
Since 1960 Rogers has been enabling Canadians to achieve more by connecting them to a world of possibilities and the moments that matter most in their lives. From unlimited wireless data plan & unlimited high speed home internet plans to on demand TV & more – Rogers makes more possible.
Fido, Rogers, chatr, Authorised dealers Wirelessdna
With plans that fit your wallet & on a fast & reliable network , Fido has you covered. Whether you are streaming your favourite show, while using your 5 additional hours of data, travelling abroad with, Fido Roam, or simply taking advantage of the weekly perks, via Fido Xtra, Fido has it all!
Fido, Rogers, chatr, Authorised dealers Wirelessdna
Chatr prepaid is the perfect solution for short term visitors to Canada and those under the age of 18. With no credit checks and no term contracts it means that you don’t have to worry. Chatr has a wide range of plans that are simple to understand enabling you to select a plan that best suits your needs

Empowering our communities by connecting them to the world.

Why Us?

Why Us

We empower the communities where we work by connecting all Canadians to the world and their loved ones. We also thrive in delivering consistent exceptional customer service. Our customers see us as their personal sales experts and we will always go above and beyond to ensure that we have succeeded in giving them everything they need. We care for our customers by giving them a tailor-made provdiding something to make their life easier.

Our Promise

Our Promise

To provide our customers with the very highest levels of service, with integrity and dignity, in all that we do. This is our promise.

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