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WFH Causing Disruption For Your Business? Rogers Unison Can Help

Mobile cloud computing has now become an essential service for businesses to maintain productivity, thanks to the work from home requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As the pandemic rages on, companies are still encouraged to maintain work from home requirements for their employees, which is why mobile cloud computing is here to stay and grow further.

According to ReportLinker, global enterprise mobile cloud computing market is estimated to reach the U.S. $50.8 billion by 2027. Mobile cloud computing allows delivery of applications to different mobile devices by using speed and flexibility as well as development tools. This helps companies to easily collaborate in a remote working environment.

Analysts believe based on management feedback, that in the post-Covid world as well, remote working will be a norm, which will increase demand for mobile cloud-based solutions. Rogers, one of Canada’s leading telecom companies, offers Rogers Unison, which allows businesses to access their desk-phone remotely. This offers seamless collaboration for three cloud-based tools of instant messaging, video-calling, and conferencing options.

This service can assist employees, who often need to commute or travel for work and are away from their desk phones and also comes in need for companies who have had to shift to the work-from-home workplace.

Here are some of the mobile cloud computing services that Rogers is offering and its unique benefits:

Features & Benefits of Rogers Unison

Rogers has been catering to the Canadian market successfully for the past two decades. The companies understand the needs and challenges of the businesses in the country and have adapted their services accordingly. Rogers Unison is just one such service that the company offers to help businesses navigate and streamline their processes.

The reliability of the connection and the user-friendliness are prominent features of this instant messaging, video-calling, and conferencing options service. Some other features include:


This is a virtual assistant or an automated answering system that guides incoming calls to their destination. Meaning, this virtual voice will direct the caller to different lines that are meant for specified departments. The caller will be able to reach the department or the employee without having to wait for someone to answer at every turn.

Simultaneous Ring & Hunt Groups

Simultaneous Ring entails that the incoming calls are directed to several devices at the same time so that someone on your team can answer. It could be a potential client and this way he will get an answer whether you are personally available or not.  

With Hunt Groups a business will get a similar benefit as your company’s incoming calls are routed from one device to other in the department, until someone answers.

Both these features mean that the callers are never put on hold or sent to voicemail. They will be able to reach someone in the company, helping you to maintain streamlined operations.

Voicemail to Email

Your voicemail messages will get transferred automatically to your e-mail as a .wav file. This way, you can listen to the messages from wherever you are and also save them for future reference. This comes in handy not only when you are travelling but also for the times you are in busy in a meeting or some urgent work.

Dual Persona

With this feature, you can retain and use your old landline number as well as have your mobile number on one device. This way, you can answer calls on your landline from anywhere and also keep your mobile number active. This gives you the flexibility to adopt a mobile number with a different area code as well.

Before the pandemic, this service largely catered to a niche industry or start-ups that had remote working, since a large part of its workforce were at desks and had easy access to landlines. But Post-Covid 19, the situation has reversed, with many companies not willing to fully go back to office culture anytime soon.

Rogers Unison, mobile cloud computing solution, allows businesses to access their desk-phone remotely. All of Rogers Unison services are available at Wireless DNA.

To find out how Rogers Unison can benefit your business,  Schedule a call with our solutions specialists today!

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