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Virtual Contact Centre Solutions & Services with Rogers

In today’s world companies and businesses are operating on a global scale rather than a local platform. With companies having offices and clients from different countries, managing time-zones and keeping on top of customer queries is a challenge. This is why it has become essential for businesses to a reliable contact centre that can manage any issues or inquiries from clients. However, having such a centre is an investment and requires careful planning. This is where a virtual contact centre comes into play.

A virtual contact centre or VCC, as it is commonly known, is a solution where software handles everything that a physical contact centre does. Meaning, this software solution will manage and answer customer issues and queries from multiple channels like phone, email or chat. This way a company can solve the problem of responding to customers and potential clients successfully.

Usually, VCC functions on a cloud platform and many independent service providers offer the service to businesses. Some of the common features of this service include interactive voice response, automatic call distribution, recording, multimedia routing via email, chat on social media, preview dialing, call back, screen-pop integration, and reporting suit.

Benefits of a Virtual Contact Centre

Traditional physical contact centre was set up with infrastructure and man-power in a convenient location. This needs a lot of investment as well as personal attention from the management so as to ensure that the staff is rained right and had all the information to solve any queries. Even if a company outsources this service, it requires similar attention and funding. With VCC large part of these concerns are eliminated. Having a virtual contact centre can be beneficial to the company in many ways. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of opting for a virtual contact centre.

Reduced Costs

Having a physical contact centre is a costly thing, considering the maintenance of the facility and the salaried employees. The time and effort required to manage the operations also add to the expenses. With Virtual contact centre, the company eliminates the cost of infrastructure and employees. VCC can operate entire call centre without the company having to purchase any machinery or equipment. In most cases, a cloud operator offers several plans that can meet the company’s requirements.

Increased Productivity

VCC also helps streamline processes and allows companies to attend to every query. This leads to a more proactive culture in the company. The company will be able to follow-up on every inquiry and increase its leads. This in turn will lead to more productivity and improved performance. It also affects the overall employee attitude if they do not have to worry about missing calls or messages.


Companies can assess their needs, size of the team and overall operation and incorporate a virtual contact centre that matches their requirements. In case an organization outsources this service or opts to have its own physical call centre, this choice is not always available, increasing costs.

VCC also offers companies the flexibility to access all channels like phone, messages, emails or chat on different platforms and also switch between them smoothly. This will allow the companies to consider the customer’s preference and act accordingly. It also helps the company to decide on where they need more man-power or if they must hire call centre professionals locally in countries with different time-zones.

Increased Security

Security of the intellectual data and other information is one of the major concerns for any company today. With VCC this problem is sorted as all reputed service providers offer optimal security. Choose a comprehensive virtual call centre software that guarantees impenetrable security features in order to keep your data safe within the cloud data backup. Although the cloud service provider is responsible for the data security, as a customer, you too need to be informed as well. Research providers in your areas, study reviews, and study the plans that they are offering. Even if you need to pay slightly more, it is preferable that the provider is well-known and has significant experience in the region. This will mean that the company will have enough infrastructure to ensure maximum security for your data.

Rogers, one of Canada’s leading telecom service providers, offers Virtual Contact Centre services with many reliable features. The company also offers maximum security for this cloud service.

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