Nov 30
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5 Tips to Choose the Right Internet Service Provider For You

Internet has become an integral part of any business today, with companies depending heavily on e-commerce, online sales and social media platforms to reach new consumers. There are industries today whose business is solely based on the internet. Along with this, internet has become as much a utility for homes as electricity or water supply. With a rise in work-from-home culture and an increasing number of people depending on internet for entertainment, having a reliable and secured home internet connection is inevitable.

For businesses the dependence on IoT is also growing rapidly, and an IDC report estimates that the IoT market in Canada is set to reach $21 billion by 2023. Canada has a hugely competitive market with hundreds of internet service providers across the countries. The providers offer several types of connections including Cable; DSL or fiber connections. However, many providers offer fixed wireless internet, which uses LTE towers rather than cable connections.

Considering the extensive requirements of internet, it becomes essential to select an internet provider who can offer reliable and secure connection. The first thing one must do is to identify your requirements and list down the priorities. You might need internet to run your business from home, or would want to work on cloud platforms or maybe you just want the internet connection for entertainment purposes where you could download movies or play data heavy games.

Whatever your needs are, it is important to ensure that the service provider can offer appropriate plans and solutions. With such a vast number of choices, it can be confusing to choose the right ISP for you. However, when you know what you want, things tend to get simpler. Let’s look at some of the key features that you must look at while choosing the internet service provider.

Availability & Reliability

While you might have many choices, the availability of the internet service provider in your area is a crucial aspect. The provider must have a strong network in your region and also have credible standing in the community. It is pivotal that the provider has been in the region for a significant number of years and is a fairly well-known brand. The experience of the service provider in the region will make the company better accustomed to the local climate and market conditions. This will tell you that the company offers seamless connectivity and is equipped to handle common issues that may occur in the area. Having a service center or a local help center could be very important in case of long-lasting downtimes or when the modem needs servicing.



A provider with years of experience usually has a good hold on market conditions and offers plans that are popular in the region. The experience also entails that a company has effective strategies in place aimed at sustainable growth. Such providers understand the need of the hour and are prepared to adapt to different market scenarios and new technologies. This experience translates to customer satisfaction and generates confidence among prospective consumers. Most importantly they are capable of offering customized solutions to meet the different needs of the company.


Cost optimization

This is one thing that a consumer looks at carefully, but it is not how much the plan costs but how much you get for what you are paying. The internet service providers must offer value-for-money and ensure that they not only meet your requirements but also offer other useful services.

Many providers offer different plans to meet varied needs of the clients. While some offer plans specifically for work-from-home professionals while others have customized plans for gaming and on-demand streaming. Internet service providers also often come up with discount deals and offer OTTs that can be very cost-effective for the consumers. So keep an eye out for these deals!



Any consumer knows that one plan will not always fit their requirements. It might so happen that the plan they chose may seem inadequate or lacking on usage. Besides, you might realize you actually need a smaller data plan than the one you have, or that you are using too much data and are having to pay overage costs. This is why, having a service provider that offers the flexibility to change your plan or offer is very important. If the provider does not allow you to change the plan unless the existing one gets completed, you will certainly be at a losing end. One must have clarity on how you can get the plan changed and how the provider will deal with financial difference.

Furthermore, the connection should be adaptable to any change in technology. Meaning, if you want the connection for a new software, the plan should make room for the same. The provider should be able to help you at all times in case of any difficulty.

As an informed customer, one must ask these questions and have a perfect understanding of the same.


Post-Sale Service

One of the selling points for any internet service provider is the tech support and service that it offers to its clients. As a customer, one must have all the information regarding the kind of service the provider offers. If your business is highly dependent on the internet then you need a provider that has strong tech support options. It will be preferable if the company has 24/7 support and offers a set response time for any query.

Understanding what your requirements are and thorough research of the internet service providers in your area, will help you choose the best plan for you. Rogers, one of Canada’s largest wireless service providers, offers a wide range of plans for all your requirements. Learn more about the internet plans you can avail by getting in touch with one of our Wireless DNA locations today!

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