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Rogers Wireless Home Phone Device

The world has shifted to mobile phones and smartphones are being used for practically every small thing. But lately, home phones are once again becoming popular. It is believed that families of more than two people, especially, are adopting home phones once again. This trend might be because of the fact that many people are now working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although vaccines have rolled out, 2021 will be a difficult year and many big companies have already announced work-from-home status with no indication of moving to office culture anytime soon. With kids studying from home and most family members staying indoors, it is only natural that working professionals need space to do what they need to. This is why a home phone comes in handy. While some members of the family are working on their computers and smartphones, having a home phone is a means for communication in case of any emergency or delivering an important message. According to Worldwide Industry Trends, the landline market is expected to reach U.S. $3132.9 million by 2025.

Benefits of having a Wireless Home Phone

A home phone is a way to stay connected when your smartphone runs out of battery or is engaged in office work. This device might not be on your to-buy list as of now, but there are some surprising benefits of owning one. Let’s take a look at some of the top advantages of owning a home phone.


First and foremost, home phone cuts down the cost of calls drastically. This is one of the biggest advantages of having this device, and it can come in really handy in a work-from-home setup. You will not need to worry about call plans or data usage while attending long calls for work. It is also a cost-effective option for people who enjoy talking on phone for hours every day. During the pandemic, people were unable to enjoy the usual get-togethers with family and friends. Travel restrictions are still in place and people themselves are avoiding meeting others for safety reasons. Many are especially staying away from their parents and loved ones who are senior in age. In this situation, it is only natural to want to have long talks with your family and friends without having to worry about bills. A reliable home phone can give you this happiness.


It is a fact that since a home phone has a stable network locally, its sound quality is often better than your hand device. This is especially the case where the weather might affect the quality of the call. When a long conversation or discussion is needed, many people still prefer the home phone. Home phone is often better for people suffering from hearing impairments or some temporary problems in the area. It is also believed that some people feel headaches when they talk for a long time on cell-phone and this problem can be solved as well with the wireless home phone.


A wireless home phone can be really useful, especially when a certain member of the family needs to stay home. It is an easy and convenient way to contact the person or for the person to contact someone. A home phone can also help if you are trying to reduce your screen-time or do the same for your kids. You will not need to go for your smartphone every time you need to contact someone. The device being wireless will help you use it anywhere in the house.

Rogers Wireless Home Phone

Rogers, one of Canada’s leading telecom companies, offers a wireless home phone device with many features. The company offers monthly unlimited Canada-wide calling plan, which includes enhanced voicemail, call display, call forwarding as well as call waiting. You can also have the option of conference calling and unlimited calling to the U.S. They have plans for long-distance calling and local-calling as well.

With no installation fees, setting up this device is easy and hassle-free. You can retain your current number as well, in case you already have one. The company ensures you don’t need to worry about connectivity during power outages as well the device comes with 25 hours standby and 3 hours of talk time during a power outage.

The company also has a reliable tech support structure and so you can resolve any issues that come up. All of Rogers products and services are available at Wireless DNA. To know more get in touch with us now.

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