Dec 26
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Rogers Special Deal for Microsoft 365 Business Voice Call

For any business, having an efficient working system in place is vital, which is only possible if the tools to maintain and improve productivity are carefully identified for a business of any size. Discovering such tools has become more important considering the change in working environments due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Businesses no longer have the convenience of having all teams working from an office, which is equipped with the necessary infrastructure. Companies have had to ask a large number of their employees to work from home. In this remote working culture, a business must have proper systems in place that will help employees and teams to collaborate.
This is where Microsoft Office 365 and its countless functionality are useful.

All apps in this tool complement each other and work together seamlessly. Through Microsoft Office 365 apps businesses can access email, content to create and update documents on any device and in real-time. With an app like Microsoft Teams, companies can centralize all communication needs, including chats, meetings, file sharing and more, on a single platform, leading to seamless collaboration.

Productivity with Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is particularly beneficial as it is completely cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. The teams and employees can easily share and transfer information. This tool provides a uniform platform for several people to work together remotely.
Microsoft Office 365 includes apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Teams and many more. Microsoft Exchange also included in Microsoft Office 365, hosts business-class email and shared calendar.

All these tools can be easily accessed through an internet-enabled device and help in innovations and enhance productivity.

With pandemic still on the rise, businesses must adapt their systems to work in a remote setting and Microsoft 365 is a tool to ease the transition. Through systematic use of this tool, a business can improve communication and adopt a centralized collaboration format through secured cloud storage. This way users can ensure business continuity in changing market environments. This helps businesses to become agile and better compete in their sector.

As for other benefits of Microsoft Office 365, users get automatic updates and backup storage. The teams can easily retrieve and exchange any data saved on the cloud and make the process easy.

Rogers Special offer for Microsoft 365 Business Voice Calls

Microsoft 365 Business Voice Call is a cloud-based phone system that allows you to make and receive calls from Microsoft Teams app. This tool has some advanced features including call transfer, multi-level auto attendants, and call queues. The calls can be made from anywhere on any device as long as it is connected to the internet. Through some plans, users can also connect to the PSTN. The app allows conference calling with multiple participants as well. This app does come in handy for remote working environments.

This is not a free service but Rogers – Canada’s leading telecom company, is offering a special deal to businesses. Microsoft 365 Business Voice Call service is complimentary for clients who purchase certain business internet plans and Microsoft Office 365 from Rogers. This offer comes with some terms and conditions.

Rogers offers business internet as well as entire Microsoft Office 365 services. All these services and many offers are available at Wireless DNA. To know more about the products and services as well as special deals, schedule a call now!

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