Feb 23
Google’s G Suite

Rogers Offers Google’s G Suite, Making Remote Working Easy

It’s 2021 and companies that started working remotely because of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, are still continuing with the setup. Many companies have announced work-from-home status indefinitely. This scenario is not likely to change anytime soon either. Most companies, especially those in IT industry, in the past year or so have become comfortable with the remote working situation. Besides, many organizations are realizing the benefits of this setup and are looking to continue with the same. The remote working setup is said to save infrastructure and utility costs for the company. Also, since employees can work from anywhere and in most cases in their own time, the morale is high and they are more determined to put in the extra effort to gain results. These tangible benefits, despite the markets not being the best, are driving companies to continue with this scenario.

You would think that employees would be more productive in an office environment, and yes, in-office culture has its own set of benefits. However, once the employees and companies got used to the new normal, it has been extremely comfortable for most. In order to make working remotely an easy task, companies are increasingly using productivity software. These applications help produce information, data, conduct research, analyze statistics, and many such functions. By using these applications, companies can easily ensure that their employees can stay connected and share information and data from wherever they are.

One such product is G Suite from Google Cloud, which is now called Google Workspace. Let’s take a look at how G Suite comes in handy at every level of business operations.

Benefits of G Suite

G Suite from Google Cloud offers a wide range of functionalities that can be used for doing many things. This Software as a Service (SaaS) product includes a bouquet of applications that integrate cloud computing and collaboration tools. This product is aimed at simplifying the process of collecting and storing data, as well as retrieving it when needed. The tools help create a system within the team members in order to streamline remote working operations.

This way the teams can also overcome difficulties that come up when team members are in different time-zones. Companies can organize team meetings, create, edit and save files, documents, and other data as well as share necessary information. This way teams can save on time and resources and concentrate on increasing productivity rather than be engaged in cleaning up and arranging processes.

Through G Suite, users can avail a variety of creation applications like Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Sheets and Google Slides. You will also have access to many applications that help connect teams, and also allows them to work together even in remote working scenario. These applications are why so many companies are successfully continuing with work-from-home standard. The applications include Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, and Google+ Corporate. You will also get Google Drive, Google Vault, and Google Cloud Search, which help in storing and retrieving data. To top it all you get Google Admin that will allow you to manage entire G Suite easily through centralized control. 

Why Get G Suite from Rogers?

Consumers can indeed avail G Suite from wherever they wish, but users must be knowledgeable about installing it and operating as well as managing it. However, if one is not tech-savvy and understand the product specifications, they might face several issues. They can make mistakes in setting up the product and making it accessible to everyone they need. They might end up not being able to utilize the product to its fullest and lose out on some very beneficial features.

With Rogers, you can eliminate all these problems. The company, which is one of Canada’s top telecom service providers, offers G Suite for both personal and business use. The company will set up the product, migrate and configure it for your use. You will also have access to technical support staff whom you can contact in case you require any guidance or you face any glitches. Having professionals set up G Suite and help you with any queries enables you to have a hassle-free experience and you can confidently focus on what is most important: Your business.

All of Rogers products and services are available at Wireless DNA. For further inquiries get in touch with us now!

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