Dec 19
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Rogers Infinite Internet Plans for Small Business

The internet has always been a vital part of a business but the true value of it became ever more apparent with the Covid-19 pandemic, where the internet has been the key to continue business as usual (remotely) during lockdowns through collaborative workspaces.

With the on-going pandemic, businesses have had to adjust to a new normal where a large part of communication and transaction takes place through the internet, rather than traditional face-to-face interactions. This has made businesses realize the importance of having fast, consistent and unlimited connectivity, and companies are expected to stick with this working style even in a post-Covid world.

The base for a remote working environment will see increasing use of cloud computing services as well as data-driven marketing. For a large business, internet cost may be a small part of the budget, but the same cannot be said for small and medium-sized businesses. With SMEs, every dollar spent is an investment and so it becomes important to carefully consider internet requirements and choose an appropriate plan.

There are several features that one must consider while choosing the internet provider and plan. Security, reliability and strong tech support are some of the aspects that cannot be ignored.

Rogers, Canada’s leading internet provider, offers Rogers Infinite, which is a dedicated wireless internet service, especially meant for small business.

Rogers Infinite

This service was launched to help small businesses with their wireless internet needs in a cost-effective way. Rogers Infinite offers flexible cell phone and remote device plans to meet different requirements of businesses. This means that with the Rogers Infinite plan, several of your employees can use the data. A business can add up to 9 lines in a single plan, allowing 9 people to use the data. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Rogers Infinite that are beneficial to small businesses.

Security & Reliability

Having a secured connection is a priority for all businesses. In any business, there is an exchange of sensitive data or confidential information, and this data can be vulnerable to theft threats. One thing to note is that not all internet providers commit to the security of the connection and this is what makes Rogers stand out.

Reliability of the connection comes with the experience of the company. Rogers has been a leader in the telecommunications industry for over two decades and has a strong infrastructure of the network, leading to a reliable connection. This ensures that the fluctuation in connection is at a minimum and you can rely on the network at any given time.

Cost-effective & Flexible Plans

Rogers Infinite for businesses offers internet plans to power your smartphone and some other devices like tablets and laptops. The Infinite plans offer unlimited data, where a certain amount of data is included in the plan at fast speed. Once the set amount of data gets over, data can still be used at reduced speed. Unlike in other types of plans where data is shared, you will not have to worry about overage charges. This means that you will never have to stop what you are doing just because you don’t have any data left. This convenience can make a difference in a business setting.

The plans offered are extremely flexible, in terms of how much data a business would need and also how many lines you want to add. You can use the plan for just a single line or add several more, to ease the functioning of the team. Businesses can also have the plan changed or add and deduct the number of lines at a later date, as per the requirements.

Post-sale Support 

Rogers has a strong network in Canada and understands the basic nature of the issues that might be faced by its customers. Through its helplines, customers can get the answers they need and inquire about any confusion regarding the plans. The company offers 24/7 technical support, where trained staff help you resolve your problems instantly. In case the issue is not solved remotely, Rogers ensures on-site repairs promptly.

Rogers is one of Canada’s leading telecom companies and offers business solutions to meet the varied requirements of different sectors. All products by Rogers are available at Wireless DNA. Get in touch with us now!

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