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Rogers Ignite Internet Home WiFi: Key to Reliable Connectivity for WFH Setup

Home WiFi and Internet, today, have become a part and parcel of our lives and people all around the world are increasing depending on the connectivity for their business. Internet is also a means of entertainment and staying in touch with friends and families. Although the internet has been used extensively, 2020 saw a major shift as people not just used it but almost depended on it. With the Covid-19 pandemic came stay-at-home orders and city-wide lockdowns. In this scenario, internet became a reliable source of entertainment and a means to do business. Social media saw an increased influx of audience and these platforms are now seen as places from where to garner maximum information.

One of the drastic changes was the need to adapt to the work-from-home culture. With the need to practice social distancing, companies had to incorporate remote working culture throughout operations. Many companies put almost 100% of their staff on the work-from-home status and this set-up is going on even in 2021. It is unsure when the companies will open up in-office working again. Studies show that organizations are likely to go for part remote and part in-office working setup at least for the near future.

This is why having a good internet connection that the entire family can use is important. The connection must be consistent in speed and should have minimal out-time. Reliability and stability of the connection are vital but when you are working from home, the security of the connection is essential.

Rogers, Canada’s leading telecom service providers, offers Ignite Internet home WiFi, which comes with specific features aimed at optimizing your WFH setup.

Rogers Ignite Internet Home WiFi

Working from home becomes extremely easy with a strong home WiFi connection. Home wife is usually more cost-effective and reliable than creating hotspots or extending cellular data to your laptops. The WiFi is also useful if you depend on internet to get your slice of entertainment through movies or gaming. In most cases, if the provider has good experience and reputation in the region, home WiFi is the most reliable and stable option for people who need a large amount of data.

Rogers Ignite Internet Home WiFi offers many features that are essential to make a good connection.

Reliability & Security

Rogers is one of Canada’s leading telecom service providers and has a strong infrastructure to offer consistent data. With Ignite home WiFi, the company assures stable connection that is complete with in-built security. The company’s team monitors your network 24/7 so that any suspicious activity is analyzed and taken care of as soon as possible. Users will also have Ignite WiFi Hub app, which gives you the control of your home WiFi in real time. You can keep a tab on who are connected on the network and also activate protected browsing.

Wall-to-Wall WiFi

Rogers Ignite offers certified wall-to-wall internet coverage, allowing you access to internet throughout your residence. This gives you the flexibility to setup your home office anywhere you wish to and even shift if needed. You can work in your office and relax while watching a movie in your living room and even play games in your bedroom. A centralized WiFi that can be accessed anywhere in the house and is a necessity in today’s day and age.

Easy Installation & Access to Tech Support

The company, as a responsible organization, takes care of all safety precautions and offers easy-to-understand guidelines for self-installation. Following a contactless delivery, Rogers staff gives you step-by-step instructions for installing the connection, maximize coverage, and check different devices for active connection and speed.

Besides this, the company provides technical support from the get go. In case of any issues, users can contact their staff and get guidance on how to troubleshoot a certain problem. The staff will make a visit if at all necessary to resolve the matter in a timely manner.

Rogers Ignite can be bundled with Ignite TV for a more cost-effective option. The company offers several such packages and payment plans for the product as well.

All of Rogers products and services are available at Wireless DNA. You can avail personal and business solutions in order to streamline your work and entertainment. To know more get in touch with us now!

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