Oct 03
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Optimize Transport With Rogers’ Fleet Management Solutions ?

A comprehensive fleet management solution or process can help your business keep all data, right from the acquisition to the dispatching stage, organized. Fleet management is no longer solely the domain of shipping and courier companies. Any business that has a number of vehicles operating at the same time needs this service to optimize their management. With the changing trends and technology, fleet management has taken the next step towards a focused IoT-fueled management solution.

Affordable for any company, it is a requirement for any business looking to optimize their fleet’s operations and ROI. In short, whether you are managing a small-sized company of a handful of vehicles or an enterprise managing multiple 18-wheelers, with the help of fleet management solutions it becomes easy to manage everything right from acquisition to servicing becomes far easier than ever before.

While there are numerous fleet management solutions out there, the features and benefits available with Rogers are second to none!

Here are some benefits of Rogers Fleet Management Solutions:

  • Improve safety

With Rogers, it becomes easy for your company managers to keep vehicles, staff, and cargo safe. Regular reporting and alerts for good road conditions, weather conditions, and driver behavior are an integral part of the solutions. This simplifies the process and reduces the timeline between detection of an issue and the resolution. Equipped with Electronic Logging Devices you are constantly apprised of your vehicle’s location and status, helping you stay on top of every vehicle.

  • Control Cost

Managing processes to ensure you are achieving your bottom line are at the core of these fleet management solutions by Rogers. By reducing the downtime, wasteful activities, and by maximizing the fleet operations, you can plug any leaks while ensuring you are optimizing the utility of each vehicle. Proactive maintenance and fuel monitoring goes a long way in helping reduce the cost of operations. And as any business knows these days, a penny saved is a penny earned!

  • Manageable Compliance

With Rogers’ Fleet Management System, you can take avail automated reporting system. This makes the entire process of bookkeeping and administration easier than ever before. The Electronic Logging Devices or ELDs, help ensure that you are meeting all provincial and federal regulations and compliances as well as that of the US.

Let’s take a tour in detail about how Rogers is proved to be efficient and good for your company.

Additional Features of Rogers Fleet Management Solutions

Driver Behavior Monitoring

It is always important to have a location on your vehicle. These tools help you limit downtime, increased output, and decrease non-business utilization by observing arrival and departure times, areas visited, and time spent out and about client areas, and the workplace. It works to improve driver security, diminish fuel utilization, and forestalls mishaps with prompt cautions.For example, speeding, sudden surge in speed, sudden slowing down, sharp cornering, and safety belt usage are just a few items monitored.

Vehicle Tracking

Boost your operational proficiency with continuous monitoring. These tools provide youthe ability to screen the area and state of your merchandise. Upgrade the client care provided by your business by giving exact arrival estimates and evidence of conveyance, including time and area stamps. There is nothing like too much assurance, and the more evidence your provide your client the better it is for you. Latest telematics help improve overall efficiency with performance dashboards and reports powered by the top-shelf GPS software.

Weather & Road Condition Monitoring

Leverage exact area-specific climate and road conditions. Receive caution messages in an effort to reduce mishaps and guarantee more secure excursions. Upgrade steering to keep away from defers improving the precision of ETA and client experience. The system provides alternate routes to help circumvent high traffic or congested zones, thus improving overall efficiency of your shipping.

Maintenance & Diagnostics

Increase fleet use by synchronizing tasks with arranged maintenance depends on utilization and driver conduct. Diminish breakdowns and expensive vehicle personal time with proactive upkeep makes driving aware of more prominent effectiveness and improved driver wellbeing. Advanced video telematics provide you another set of eyes on the road. This ensures that you have a record of everything that is going on with your vehicle. This ensures that you have actionable data in case anything goes wrong, and also works to advice your best practices.

If you are looking at making the most of your fleet of vehicles and optimize your fleet usage, it is time you shift to Rogers Fleet Management Solutions! Identify the actual potential of your business and avail a tool that will help you keep an eye on your bottomline, while increasing your returns. It’s the time to partner with Canada’s most trusted network – Rogers!

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