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Mobile Cloud Computing & How It Helps Enhance Business

Cloud computing is evolving constantly and one of the reasons for its popularity is its flexibility. Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computing services over the internet or the ‘cloud’. The services can refer to anything from servers, databases, storage and software to networking, analytics and intelligence.

This technology allows enhanced innovation through the use of resources. Considering that the application of this technology is getting wider, it is predicted to have a massive growth in the coming years. According to Verified Market Research, the global cloud computing market is expected to reach more than the U.S. $718 billion by 2027.

One of the technologies that are based on cloud computing is mobile cloud computing services. This technology is preferred because of its user-friendliness and accessibility. With businesses seeking mobile solutions, mobile cloud computing sector will increase its market share rapidly.

According to ReportLinker, global enterprise mobile cloud computing market is estimated to reach the U.S. $50.8 billion by 2027. The user-friendliness of the mobile cloud computing distinguishes it as a technology that can be modified to fire-up different applications.

What is Mobile Cloud Computing?

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is a ground-breaking technology that combines cloud computing with everyday mobile devices like the smartphone. Researchers are continuously looking for innovative ways to modify and upgrade MCC so that it can increase its scope and facilitate in accomplishing tasks in varied industries from manufacturing to medicine. This technology is considered to be vital to businesses, considering its wide applicability and cost-effectiveness.

By logging on to MCC, users can access their applications on fixed-network through mobile devices like their smartphones, tablets and laptops. This is why MCC is considered for companies that have a large number of employees working remotely.

Benefits of Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile cloud computing has many applications and many industries are benefitting from its accessibility. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to adjust to a remote working environment, and mobile cloud computing services have come in hand to streamline operations.


One of the biggest benefits of mobile cloud computing is the flexibility it offers. With this technology, users can access any data stored anywhere from any device. Meaning, an employee working-from-home can connect to the office network and gain access to the information he requires from his smartphone. This allows users to exchange information in a smooth and streamlined manner. Users can also store data on the cloud in case some other users on the network need it.

Data Back-up & Recovery

While users are working and generating new data on their mobile devices, they can easily store and back-up information on the mobile cloud application. The data is secured here and can stay there until the time it is retrieved. This technology can also help you recover data following a technical error or similar incident. You can usually recover all your data from the cloud, from any location.

Cost Efficiency 

Usually, incorporating mobile cloud computing into business operations is a cost-effective process. The benefits of this service surpass any extra cost that the company will have to bear through expensive physical server-based options. Besides, it is recommended that the company initially avail individual services as per their requirements and then slowly opt for more services. This not only helps in getting used to the new process but also helps lighten the financial cost burden. Also, most plans allow you to pay for what you use.

Rogers Unison

Rogers, Canada’s leading telecom company offers reliable cloud computing solutions in the country.  Rogers offers Rogers Unison, which is a business communication system that works on the cloud. This service is a comprehensive set of communication and collaboration tools that forms a one simple communication system. The system delivers IP-quality telephony service through the cloud in a secured way to smartphones, desktop computers, tablet, desk phone and other devices.

Rogers Unison allows businesses to access their desk-phone remotely. The service offers three cloud-based tools of instant messaging, video-calling, and conferencing options.  The service is beneficial for businesses where employees often need to commute or travel for work and are away from their desk phones. This service also comes in handy for companies who have had to shift to work-from-home culture.

To find out how Rogers Unison can benefit your business,  Schedule a call with our solutions specialists today!

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