Aug 24
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Leverage Office 365 and Teams to Increase Organizational Efficiency

The pandemic has highlighted the growing importance of working from home for professionals in a variety of fields. While at face value, work from home can seem like quite the cushy gig, but there is a delicate balance that comes with managing your daily tasks and work duties. A balance that can be thrown out of whack if you are even a little underprepared.

A daily work from home environment has made professionals and corporations acknowledge the need and importance of cloud-based collaborative tools. This march towards the adapting such cloud-based communication tools has been led by Microsoft with the inclusion of Microsoft 365 and Teams which has aided offices and firms worldwide to collaborate and execute work seamlessly.

On its release in 2017, Microsoft Teams has established itself as one of the primary remote operation tools out there. It has become the choice platform for corporate video conferencing solutions among companies in Canada and around the world.

Today, nearly 80% of businesses around the world have adopted cloud based collaborative tools, and have seen marked increase in efficiency.
Here are some ways that a combined use of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 can help you amp up your organizational efficiency and productivity.

    • Project Management

      Working on specific projects is a lot easier when using while collaborating on high priority tasks.
      Going through an unfiltered inbox in search of a specific mail would need a search party, Microsoft’s cloud based solutions make it much simpler. It separates information into select channels, so only the user would be able to view messages, documents and meetings related to the particular channel.
      This results in less time spent in cleaning up an unorganized inbox, which we know can be extremely time consuming. More importantly it allows you to be constantly in touch with the tasks on hand and helps you prioritize your activities.

    • Clear Communication Across Channels

      Using Teams allows businesses to get their troops on a single platform, and gives a faster mode of communication than email. Microsoft Teams allows you to post messages on designated channels be it for individuals, or a group working together on a project.

      Moreover, with the added benefit of initiating video or voice calls, the overall team coordination experience becomes that much better. Such cloud video conferencing and calling solutions have become integral to team performance during the pandemic.

      The integration of Teams with Office 365 has made it a complete communication channel with tried and tested tools in place to enhance productivity. Be it syncing documents on the cloud, aka OneDrive and SharePoint, to keeping the copies secure, to managing projects from end to end with minimal leakage – you will never be out of touch!

    • Multiple Apps & Third Party Apps

      Office 365 lets you work seamlessly with non-Microsoft apps that you are otherwise using regularly. Integration can often be an issue when using cloud-based communication systems, the integration of Office 365 and Teams can help ensure you do not have to go hunting for a new tool.

      You can schedule meetings and events or even get reminders using the calendar. You can keep track of who you’re working with and what you are working on with using Delve. All your data sharing requirements can be fulfilled using OneDrive, you can also use OneDrive for your storage needs and easy access of files. Moreover, you have Outlook for email access, Planner to track the progress and keep yourself updated with your tasks.

      The integration of Office 365 and Teams helps ensure that you are never short of tools to help navigate your work day. This in addition to the complete office communication tools offered by Teams ensures this is the perfect package for your business requirements.

    • Interactive Interface

      Office 365’s integration with Teams has done a wonderful job in making the entire interface feel like one cohesive unit. It’s interactive, and intuitive, interface allows you to locate all your top-tools and gives you access of all your data on your finger-tips. All of these applications and services are easily available and manageable from the Office 365 and Teams interface.

    • Teamwork

      If you want your teammates to collaborate on writing an article, Teams and Office 365 make it possible. Large files can be easily shared, making teamwork an absolute breeze even in remote-working situations. Having the entire team a click away makes communication an absolute breeze, especially with deadline intensive tasks. Moreover, the ability to add emoticons can help ensure your communication can be light and breezy while ensuring top-notch business continuity.

    • Security features

      Microsoft Teams and Office 365 together are a complete cloud based solution if you are concerned about data leaks and security. A robust inbuilt security system coupled with numerous authentication protocols make it nigh impossible for someone to access your data. An organization-wide two-factor authentication has been put in place along with a single sign-on through the Active Directory making it one of the most secure cloud based communication and collaboration tool out there.

      Microsoft Office 365 collaboration and Microsoft Teams offers one of the most comprehensive cloud based collaborative tools and business solutions out there. If your business has made the shift to working from home and is still struggling to find the right fit for that ideal cloud-based communication solutions reach out to us at Wireless DNA, and we will ensure you are well taken care of.

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