Dec 14
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Need for Speed? Get Rogers Internet for Your X-Box Series X & PS5 Gaming Needs

With the launch of X-Box Series X & PlayStation 5 (PS5) on November 2020, the gaming market has been buzzing with excitement. Both X-Box Series X and PS5 consoles are powerful with a capacity of 4K display gaming at up to 120 frames per second, with fast SSDs.

Many gamers are still waiting patiently to get their hands on either of these consoles, while retailers & e-commerce sites are already claiming the new-gen consoles are sold out. It’s safe to say the new consoles are in high demand for being innovative and a significant upgrade from the previous consoles X-Box One X and PlayStation 4 (PS4).

The craze that followed the launch of these two consoles reflects on how popular gaming has become today and shown by the rise of multiplayer gaming – where people form groups with other players through the internet, with the sole purpose of playing a game.

However, the rise of the new-age gaming has also led to data-heavy and incorporating interactive platforms further adds to the data requirements. It’s worth noting that many digital game downloads are big deal.

For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone has now hit a whopping 200 GB download requirement!

This is why these games require more than just network connectivity. To enjoy the full experience of these heavy-data games, one must have high-speed internet connectivity, low latency/lag and unlimited data.

Why Lower Ping in Games Is a Must

Latency or ping in the gaming context refers to the time it takes from sending a player’s command and when the action happens in the game. It is the time taken to send a signal and receive a signal back. It means that if you have pressed a button to make your game character jump, the action should ideally happen within a few milliseconds.

However, if your connection’s latency is high, despite having a fast connection, it would still lead to a delay in the execution of the jump, leading to frustration while online gaming, where the competitive nature among other players is intense.

A good ping is at the 40ms-60ms range but anything lower is always welcome. The ping is disappointing if it is at 100ms. Usually, if the ping is anywhere near or above 170ms, the game rejects the connection completely. In most cases, the user is left with an ‘error’ screen or some such message.

Many factors can affect ping in-game. While firewall configuration and geographical location play a part, the one thing that is pivotal in determining ping is the internet connection.

Data Pack

Data packs should meet the requirements of your gaming needs. For most games, 100GB per month pack should be enough. In case you are downloading games and videos a lot, though, you should look for a bigger pack.

Many plans offer 500GB to unlimited data, which are ideal for intense gaming. It is important to note that bigger plans might have different download and upload speeds and might lead to some fluctuation in speed.

Internet Speed & Bandwidth

Internet connection speed is the one factor that affects ping the most. With higher speeds, data can be sent and received faster and lead to low ping.

For usual gaming needs, 25 Mbps download speeds should be enough, but for intense gaming, you might need 1 Gbps download speed with unlimited data. Fibre and Cable connections would be your ideal options, considering these are most likely to offer reliable high-speed and bigger bandwidth.

Bandwidth might not affect ping and the gaming experience to a large extent, but ideal for streaming games. Having good bandwidth for uploading will ensure speedy back and forth transfer of data, leading to low ping.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

With the plan and bandwidth requirements set as a game enthusiast, you know exactly what you need. But it is also important to research the internet service providers. The provider should have had a good amount of experience in the region and have market credibility.

The ISP services should reflect how reliable the provider’s infrastructure is. The company should be well adjusted to the environment in the region and services the regions need accordingly ensuring that there is minimal fluctuation in speed and connectivity.

Look out for the after-sale service reviews as this will help you identify how reliable and dependable the connection would be. While some ISPs may focus on long-term, slow-speed structure, some may offer medium-speed at low data amount. In the case of gaming, you need high-speed and big data pack.

Rogers, Canada’s leading internet provider offers a wide choice of data packs with a reliable and secured connection. With its high-speed internet service and unlimited data packs, you can have a great gaming experience. Check out Rogers Ignite home-internet service, with its strong connectivity and speed, which is ideal for data-heavy games.

All Rogers’s internet services are available at Wireless DNA. Get in touch with us now!

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