Oct 19
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Get More with Fido XTRA

Postpaid or prepaid, that is the question. Finding the right phone plan has always been a question widely debated. Looking at the big picture, there are pros and cons to both varieties of phone plans.

Prepaid plans can seem rather restrictive since you can no longer avail services once your minutes and messages are up. That is the key reason why postpaid plans have gained in popularity over time. If you are someone who gets most of their work done on the phone running the risk of having your minutes or data plan run out is unacceptable.

You can continue to use postpaid services even after you have exceeded your monthly quota. You can continue making calls, text, or use data even after you have exceeded the limit and simply pay for it in the next bill. More importantly, the bill will have all the details of your expenses so you don’t have to face any surprises. This way, you don’t have to worry about having your service abruptly cut off or the hassle of maintaining a basic balance for your phone to keep functioning.

The overall cost of postpaid plans may be higher than that of prepaid plans, but the unmatched flexibility postpaid plans provides makes them a safer bet. Moreover, many a times these plans come with OTT media service subscriptions and many other benefits and deals without any additional cost.

Fido’s postpaid customers especially get to enjoy its special services to the fullest. Fido XTRA offers a number of benefits to postpaid customers including deals and offers that are unavailable anywhere else.

What is Fido XTRA?

Fido is offering perks to its eligible mobile and internet postpaid clients on it’s app that have an account in good standing, through Fido XTRA. These benefits include deals on food and beverages, discounts at certain restaurants, getaways, hotels, apparel brands and more. This service also hosts contests and rewards that allow you to win some amazing gifts.

New deals are available every Thursday and there is something everyone. Just redeem your Fido XTRA code and make the most of it.

How to Redeem Offers?

 To get the Fido XTRA rewards you must have Fido’s postpaid mobile or internet plan. Prepaid and corporate plan customers are not eligible for these rewards. If you already have an account, or have purchased a postpaid plan, then you can redeem XTRA offers in three easy steps:

  1. Download the latest Fido app and complete the registration process
  2. Tap on the Fido XTRA banner in the app to find out all the perks available for you
  3. Check new deals every Thursday

Fido offers all the support its customers need to redeem maximum number of benefits. There is an eligibility criteria for each of these perks and it can vary according to the offer. These perks are usually available for a fixed period of time however this depends on the offer. Some may be available for just a day and some can last a lot longer. The redemption process can vary from offer to offer; make sure you go through the guidelines for the ones you are interested in.

Furthermore, Fido XTRA perks are offered through businesses across Canada. Even if you are facing geographical limitations, you can redeem XTRA perks if you are travelling through Canada. You can always check with Wireless DNA stores to learn more about the XTRA offers you can avail.

Latest Offers by Fido XTRA

Fido XTRA perks include discounts, contests, freebies and much more. Fido XTRA features some of the top brands offering their customers amazing deals and contests. Some of these brands include Adidas, PKG, Harvey’s and Boston Pizza.

Just to give you an idea on the kind of perks you can avail, let’s take a look at some recent contests.

One of the prizes includes an Instacart Express membership to get free delivery on orders of $35 or more. Fido is giving away 2,600 of these memberships.

If you are looking to shop for some trendy winter wear, then Fido XTRA is offering a 20% site-wide discount on Canadian brand Orage.

Craving some yummy, crispy delights? Get free ‘frings’, a combo of crispy fries and onion rings, from Harvey’s with Fido XTRA.

Fido XTRA comes with weekly deals that can give you an all-new postpaid subscription experience. Find a Wireless DNA store near you from our locations connect, and learn more about how you can get a Fido postpaid connection. Get in touch here to find out more.

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