Sep 16
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Fixed Wireless Access – A Boon to Businesses

Running a business is a tough ask even in the best of times – but to keep a business running with unreliable internet is unimaginable in these times.  As the lockdown ease businesses have begun to embrace the new normal, with renewed faith internet connectivity!

After a lockdown that made work from home a very immediate reality, every business, big and small has come to terms with the importance of ensuring constant internet connectivity. Being disconnected could mean a lack of business continuity, an unacceptable situation for businesses.

Fixed wireless internet is different from the usual Cable; DSL or fiber connections. Instead of using a cable it accesses internet through LTE towers. This requires an antenna to be installed on your house or business locationand router within it, allowing you wireless internet.

Increasing Internet Dependency

If there is one thing that the lockdown taught businesses around Canada, it is the importance of ensuring constant connectivity to assure of business continuity. With more and more internet based business solutions appearing on the horizon, businesses are scampering to ensure that they have the most reliable internet connections in place. Here are some reasons why you should consider strengthening your internet connectivity:

Collaborative Workspaces

Having your team regularly interact with each other is an important aspect of increasing overall business productivity. A reliable and secure internet connection is crucial to have an effective employee-customer or employee-employee communication. A collaborative workspace often depends heavily on having a quality internet connection. With physical barriers to businesses coming into the picture, ensuring zero online barriers has become the need of the hour. Whether it is a question of ensuring that your employees can operate effortlessly from home, or a question of strengthening your in-office internet connectivity for socially distanced operations, having better connectivity is crucial.

Reliance on Cloud Services

If your business and employees are regularly using cloud based services having a reliable internet connection becomes imperative. Cloud based services like Office 365 or G Suite are very important in ensuring that business operations continue smoothly even when the whole team is operating remotely. These solutions have improved collaboration during the lockdown and continue to help businesses scale up their productivity. The catch, however, is that relying on cloud based services requires you to have a strong internet connectivity to make the most of it.

Data Driven Marketing

One of the most important aspects of business today is how marketing has changed. Marketing is all about data, and the best way to generate and leverage this data is through the internet. Collecting data online, and storing it for future use is a big part of how we formulate our marketing and promotional strategies. Moreover, campaigns for social media, search engine marketing and optimization or even email marketing are entirely dependent on a strong internet connection.

Connectivity Challenges

Internet outages are a reality, and many businesses continue to be underprepared to tackle these eventualities. Be it accidents or weather related outages, there will be times when your internet connection will not work.

Moreover, some businesses will be located in areas where they may not be able to access wired internet. This limits the options available to them and often makes them rely on dicey internet connections, thus affecting their overall productivity.

Rapidly growing businesses that continue to rely on a single internet connection often face problems of speed and connectivity. Guest WiFi, POS or other services, in many cases, required a dedicated internet connection to ensure that it is business as usual.

Why Fixed Wireless Access?

Fixed wireless internet is widely considered to be a high-speed, trouble-free, and seamless internet backup connection that helps in keeping your business and people online.A critical part of internet reliability is having secondary connectivity that is utilized when anything happens to the primary internet connectivity.

Primary Connection for Remote Areas

If you are looking to a fast and reliable internet even in remote locations, having fixed wireless access as your primary internet connection could be your answer. This is true even for temporary locations, you can also use this service to connect multiple connections with the same reliable service. It is important to note that Rogers’ LTE network reaches 97% of Canadians, and as authorized dealers for Rogers, we can help you set up your fixed wireless access.

Secondary Internet Connection

You can have your fixed wireless connection configured in a way that it will take over whenever your primary internet connection is down. This ensures a failsafe in case one of the service providers sees a blackout for any reason. Having a secondary connection makes sure that business never stops.

Dedicated Connection for Mission-Critical Areas

Having the most critical aspects of your business connected with the internet at all times is big factor in ensuring business continuity. Be it your POS or video surveillance system, having a dedicated internet connection for them makes complete sense. Not having the most important parts of your business online can hamper your productivity.

Connecting and Securing

More dangerous than lack of internet connectivity, can be cybercrime. From malware attacks to ransomware and Trojan horse attacks, your network can be open to any number of dangers. Most of these attacks access your system through the internet. Enhanced domain name server systems should also help you leverage security through updated database of sites known for malicious behavior and blocking their access.  Fixed wireless access should also provide these essential security features in order to ensure that your data and privacy are never in question.

Benefits of Rogers Fixed Wireless Access

  • Enjoy dependable and fast internet for all your internet connections, primary or secondary. Make the most of speeds ranging up to 25 Mbps (down) and 10 Mbps (up).
  • Leverage Canada’s most trusted network to connect even the most remote locations.
  • Make the most of a public static IP address at no added charge to access your devices remotely.
  • Establish secure connections between multiple unique sites and stay compliant to your organization’s privacy policy.
  • Block access to malicious sites with DNS with no hurdle to connectivity.
  • Built-in security that is automatically updated periodically at NO added charges.
  • Proactive monitoring of your connection and regular service to ensure your business stays online.
  • Any outage issues responded to within 4-hours.
  • 24×7 technical support!
  • The plan would include the modem, antenna, one public static IP address, along with monitoring and management.

The lockdown has opened up a brave new digital world for businesses and self-employed persons across Canada. Various tools once relegated as unnecessary have suddenly become a staple. The one common thread across all of these tools, however, continues to be reliable, secure and accessible internet.

At Wireless DNA we specialize in providing businesses with a range of connectivity solutions, including fixed wireless internet access. You can reach out to us here to learn more about our service offerings.

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