Nov 12
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EMM Solutions for Businesses – A Need of the Hour

Securing data is critical for any organization and companies usually make efforts to take the necessary precautions. However, with employees working remotely and travelling for work, security is not limited to office computers anymore. This is where Enterprise Mobility Management comes into play. EMM uses several technologies to protect a company’s data across employees’ mobile devices. According to a Global Market Insight report, the EMM market is likely to grow at over 15% CAGR from 2020 to 2026. Considering how more and more businesses are depending on existing technologies and adopting new ones, this increase is not surprising. The pandemic has shown that remote functioning is the way of the future. With more and more companies adopting remote operations, it becomes more important than ever before for companies to be investing in a robust EMM. EMM takes on different forms including mobile expense management (MEM), mobile information management (MIM), mobile device management (MDM) and others. Companies are spoilt for choices as to how and where they choose to implement this critical service. Let’s take a deeper look into EMM and its importance for businesses.

What is EMM?

Enterprise Mobility Management is a set of services and technologies that comprehensively ensures the security of data on employees’ mobile devices, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and more. Since companies operate with technology on several different layers, effective EMM needs to integrate a series of IT systems to cover concerns at different levels of management. EMM started becoming popular with the growing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, as employees and individuals started carrying their own devices. Large number of employers began understanding the benefits of adopting flexible policies and resorted to EMM for safeguarding the data on their mobile devices. It is noted that having a strong EMM helps enhance productivity, as employees can work with any devices and from anywhere without any security concerns. These days, while BYOD is not as prevalent, EMM continues to grow and get bigger and better. EMM is evolving to incorporate the security requirements that come with changing technologies. Besides, there is no one-size-fits-all concept with EMM as the meaning of security also differs for every company. While initially, EMM was focused on mobile devices alone, now it covers various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows 10 and even IoT. This service now also covers cloud hosting and can be applied to various software used by the company.

Need For EMM

Security is critical to any organization and thus, having an all-encompassing EMM is essential. With many employees opting to work from home and having to travel for official reasons, data on their devices could be vulnerable to thefts. If proper security setting is not applied, someone could potentially gain unauthorized access and hack into sensitive information. This is where EMM plays an important role in protecting your data. EMM will ensure that the intellectual property of an enterprise is safe, even on an employee’s mobile devices. In this day and age, working remotely has become more of a necessity and having a customized EMM will be your ticket to safeguarding sensitive information across all devices and platforms for all employees. Employers are seeing EMM as a way to offer employees the flexibility to work from anywhere they wish. Many companies are proactively upgrading and seeking EMM solutions. Several EMM features can be used to separate work and personal apps or data and to secure the intellectual property of the company.

Rogers EMM

Rogers, one of Canada’s largest wireless service providers, offers comprehensive EMM services for businesses. The plans ensure safety of sensitive communication across all mobile devices and operating systems. You can choose an optimized plan that will enhance productive while maintaining security across operations to ensure your business adopts the EMM solution smoothly with minimal effort. When you avail Rogers services, the company takes care of everything from the get go. The team will gather the required information, configure user profiles, activate devices, oversee enrollment and rollout, and conduct admin and end-user training when needed. Rogers solutions offer Unified Endpoint Management, which focuses on management and monitoring of servers, desktops, networks and more. Mobile Identity Management offers different levels of authentication for each user. Mobile Application Management determines apps that can be accessed on each device and also ensures that the latest version of each app is always available. You can also go for Mobile Content Management in order to protect sensitive content via alerts of emerging mobile concerns and threat analytics. And these are just some of the many features available with Rogers. The company offers 1-year or 3-year term plans, with several discounts that can be availed as and when redeemable. With Canada being one of the top target countries for phishing scams and other forms of cybercrimes, EMM has become a crucial tool for organizations. Wireless DNA offers a complete variety of Rogers’ plans to meet the specific enterprise mobility management requirements of your businesses. Get in touch with our enterprise solutions team to learn more.

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