Nov 13
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5 Things to Look for in an EMM Solution

This is the age of cloud computing, work from home and remote operations. In such times a solution like EMM that centralizes management, configuration and security of a company’s mobile devices, software, content and applications has become crucial.

The global market for EMM is set to touch $500 billion, indicating an understanding among businesses about the importance of this service. Organizations are quickly realizing that failing to put in place a solution that manages all the digital assets of the company can be detrimental to business. Not having robust safeguards in place to can turn out to cost severe operational disruptions, non-compliance penalties and thus can also result in losses.

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However, finding the perfect EMM solution to fit your business’ needs can be a tricky task. With the EMM market in a constant state of flux, and more coverage and capabilities being added it can be confusing for a business owner to identify the solution they require.

Which is why, we at Wireless DNA have boiled down these 5 factors of utmost importance any brand needs to look for in the EMM solution that they are looking to adopt.

Efficient Provisioning Systems

This process is all about equipping a system with all the applications, software and data that the end user might need. This involves two essential stages – Loading the Apps & Configuring the Settings.

Loading the apps, as direct as it sounds is ensuring that the first time the user opens the system all the applications he or she might need are available. Configuring the settings, however, is about identifying the elements that should be accessible and those that need to be restricted. It is very important to understand that having an EMM solution that offers all required options can be easily and efficiently set up on systems for business use. It is very important to have the least number of touchpoints between the provisioning team and the end user.

Companies that allow employees to bring their own devices should have a device enrollment process that is easy and hassle-free for any user. Not having this would leave room for hesitation in device use and can also hamper the productivity benefits that come with such mobility solutions.

It is just as important to ensure that the EMM solution being sought can also provide all future updates as and when the need arises. Changes in versions, or new security protocol should be easily onboarded and pushed into all connected devices. It is important for organizations to identify the device target criteria and identify the EMM solution that offers the necessary flexibility and control.

Top Notch Security

Device security is the prima facie requirement of in a day and age that is so completely dependent on data and the internet. Canada sees a massive number of data thefts and phishing attacks, making

security a top-priority for any EMM solution being implemented. A good EMM solution can help not only against digital threats but also physical ones, something that becomes crucial when you have employees operating remotely at all times.

Make sure that the EMM solution provides Geofencing, to ensure that you can decide what the device can do and not do based on where it is located. Moreover, secure EMM browsers ensure that any man-in-the-middle attacks that intercept communications or phishing attacks are completely eliminated.

Quality EMM solutions have antivirus capabilities built into them and integrated with the EMM software. They prevent malware from being downloaded and thus keep the system secure. Also, a good EMM system will set parameters for creating a highly secure password. Having a multi-factor authentication on the EMM becomes crucial for organizations that are looking to fight data leakage and mobile security.

Analytics and Reports

One of the biggest requirements that comes with any digital service being invested in for a brand is tracking the return on their investments.

Having some basic reporting mechanisms on the EMM, like battery usage for apps, app usage data, and connectivity are just some of the things that are important. One of the most important details that needs to be shared is the data usage, this becomes very important for remote functioning operatives.

A strong reporting structure for your EMM helps in prompt troubleshooting, and remediation of issues on an urgent basis. Moreover, having analytics and data on hand help create a more predictive analysis and allow you to monitor devices and receive alerts whenever a particular rule has been violated, making for a proactive addressing of whatever issues crop up.

Service Support

In the times of the pandemic, when physical distancing has become the buzzword, it becomes crucial to have online support that is as prompt as it is effective. The EMM provider you hire has to be able to provide you highly efficient technical support as well as other support options over business type.

It is important that the service support is 24×7, especially if you are a business that is operating at a global scale, in multiple time-zones or in shifts throughout the day. Also consider the different languages that the service is provided in, especially if you have employees from different nationalities and language proficiencies on board.

Most quality EMM providers, like Rogers, allocate a dedicated Technical Account Manager to help guide your business through the best practices. These experts are invaluable in helping you make the most of

the enterprise mobility management solution you have opted for. Downtime is a big no-no when it comes your business, and the EMM solution you go for should be reflecting this fact.


One of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing an EMM solution is the price tag that it comes with. Depending upon the requirements of the company the EMM solution can be different in duration and services offered.

It is important for your business to be able to find the perfect fit, not just for the moment, but also keeping in mind any future necessities depending on the growth plan for the business. Rogers Business offers a range of EMM solution for different durations helping businesses in Canada find the perfect solution to keep their business on the move, wherever they might be.

Enterprise Mobility Management is an umbrella that encompasses a number of services. From Mobile Device Management (MDM), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), Mobile Identity Management (MIM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Security Management (MSM), to Mobile Content Management (MCM) – EMM encompasses all this and more. Rogers EMM solutions help your business ensure that you are getting the most professional services, smooth onboarding and provisioning, end-to-end management and highly professional service throughout your duration.

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