Dec 16
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Cloud-based IMs, Video Calling with Rogers Unison for Businesses

As companies shift to work-from-home culture due to Covid-19 pandemic, mobile cloud computing solutions have become an essential part of the business. These solutions are a must when a company needs seamless connectivity across several remote platforms.

Rogers Unison offers seamless, stable, and secure connection. This service combines multiple tools into one simple communications system. In addition to IP-quality telephony service delivered in the cloud, three other features can be used for seamless collaboration such as instant messaging, video-calling, and conferencing options.

This allows businesses to access their desk-phone from remote locations. With reliable connectivity, the company will never miss a call or message from potential clients and work on their requirements.

Instant Messaging (IM)

IM can be applied during rush hours or when a certain team or decision-maker is out of office. While an email can go unnoticed among several emails, IM alerts grab your attention instantly. It’s also a much simpler way to communicate when it’s just a matter of getting a few queries solved and skipping formalities.

With Rogers Unison, you can even enjoy extra features. Having one instant messaging system for all employees and help standardize the process. This way people are aware of how the system works and can set their expectations accordingly.

The User Presence setting of this service lets the users know if the person they want to get in touch with is busy or available. This helps people understand when or if, they can approach a person. This way user can set a process of communication, maximizing collaboration and speeding up the decision-making process.   

Video Calling & Conference Calling

Cloud-based video calling and conferencing is a completely different experience compared to a cellular internet connection. Apart from being a cheaper option, this type of conferencing offers a better connectivity and seamless streaming.

An increase in efficiency is one of the most critical features when the conference is spread out among people based in different locations. This type of connectivity is ideal when many people are participating on a call.

Another advantage of cloud-based applications is the feature of automatic updates. This ensures that the technology you are using is always the latest and bug-free version that is available. This way the interruptions and technical errors are limited.

Cloud-based applications offer a completely different experience, as they are built on strong internet connectivity and is much more reliable. Rogers Unison can prove to be extremely beneficial in cases where employees are often travelling between locations, work remote and are constantly away from their desk phones. It’s one way to ensure you are keeping up with demands of your customers and never miss a call.

At WirelessDNA we understand the importance of running your business, providing excellent customer service and competing with big companies. We are here to provide solutions so you can get back to doing what you do best, run your business! To find out more about this product, along with all other Rogers’s products, Get in touch with us now!


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