Nov 30
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All You Need to Know About Fido Internet

Fido provides a range of affordable communication plans and services across Canada. It has a host of products and services that includes phone bundles, mobile data plans and overseas communication packages.

Fido’s plans offer a combination of quality home internet and a strong customer service ethic. Theircost-effective internet services and offers plans for casual to heavy internet users. These no-hassle, easy to understand and completely straightforward plans are unique

The 30Mbps plan is ideal for households that have 2-3 devices using the internet. It offers up to 5Mbps of download speed and up to 30Mbps of upload speed, with unlimited data. This plan costs $50/month.

The 75Mbps could be ideal for you if have multiple connections that require internet at the same time. With multiple connections on slow download speeds, things could get tricky! This plan provides you up to 75Mbps of download speed and 10Mbps of upload speed with unlimited data. The cost of this home internet plan is $65.

If you have 8 or more devices (up to 11) that will be using the internet connection simultaneously, you would need the 150Mbps plan. This plan provides you with up to 150Mbps of download speed and up to 15Mbps of upload speed. This plan too provides you unlimited bandwidth and can cost you $75.


Payment Models

Over and above having a range of affordable home internet plans, Fido plans also offer convenient payment options for users. Moreover, Fido is one of the rare internet providers in Canada that provide no-contract internet plans. This means you do not have to sign any long-term deals or agreements to have a fast internet. These plans are monthly and because there is no contract, you can cancel your subscription at any time at no additional cost.

Fido home internet plans do not charge any activation fees in return of providing unlimited data. This means that the money you are investing will be primarily on your monthly plan going towards your internet connection. Fido internet also provides a number of special promos for fresh signups.



The most important factor for installing Fido home internet is to find the ideal location to have the modem installed. Installing the modem is as easy as a plugging it in and switching it on. It is important to note that if you have placed your modem in a cabinet or drawer it would not be working at its best efficiency. Also, if you want to have uninterrupted service, make sure that the modem is placed vertically on the table, away from concrete and other interruptions.


Get Tons of Bonuses

Fido plans do not just provide you a steady internet connection without long-standing liabilities, they also provide a number of add ons. Just like the offers Fido offers for mobile plan users, it also offers similar bonuses for internet service users.

You can download the Fido app to monitor your internet plans regularly. This online monitoring helps you keep track of your usage. Through this app you can also access the bonuses and rewards Fido offers on a regular basis.

You can use Fido XTRA to access reward programs offering goodies every Thursday. This could be in the form of discounts, contests, or even freebies redeemable through the Fido app. This promo codes can also be shared to others on specific occasions.

Fido home internet plans have rapidly become the go-to option for accessing fast, reliable and no-hassle internet connections at home. It allows for an a very easy means of installation and complete account management using its app. Moreover, if you add to this bouquet loyalty bonuses it becomes the complete package you would want from your internet plans.

To learn more about Fido home internet plans get in touch with your closest Wireless DNA store today!

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